CarrLane Tooling Components - ball lock pin


Ball Lock Pin CarrLane

 Carr Lane Tooling Precision alignment pin, Ball lock pin, Lifting pin with a ground shank. This popular single-acting type is positive locking until released by pushing the button, which moves the center spindle forward to allow the locking balls to retract into a radial groove. This type has the widest range of types and sizes. We also supply Mcmaster carr catalog products. 


Hoist Ring Carr Lane

Carr Lane Swivel Hoist ring, Pivot Hoist ring, Side pull hoist ring, The original safety-engineered hoist ring. Pivots 180 degrees and swivels 360 degrees simultaneously to allow lifting from any direction. Safety factor = 5:1. Black oxide finish is standard, with cadmium plating available as a special. Swivel Hoist Rings are also available in 300-series stainless steel. 


Hand Wheel CarrLane

 Carr Lane Hand Wheel,High-quality, modern-design phenolic Hand Wheel. Molded-in steel hub, blank with a pilot hole. Available with either a Revolving Handle or a plain rim without a handle.  Hand Wheel. Beautiful chrome-plated finish with a polished rim. Aluminum Hand Wheel with two spokes 


Construction Balls – Shoulder Type

Precision tooling ball used as a reference point for critical inspection, layout, and machining operations. The shoulder type shown here has a precision height-reference shoulder to locate the ball in three dimensions. Available in the six ball diameters 


Threaded inserts CarrLane

General-purpose threaded inserts with a thick, heavy-duty thread wall, suitable for most applications. Key Inserts are ideal for thread reinforcement, especially when the mating stud or bolt will be removed frequently. They provide strong, permanent steel threads in almost any parent material – ferrous, non-ferrous, or non-metallic. Key Inserts are also well suited for quick repair of stripped, damaged, or worn threads. Locking keys positively prevent the insert from rotating.

Heavy-duty steel Key Inserts are available in a wide range of inch and metric ID thread sizes


ROEMHELD 5-axis vises

Roemheld MCP-series 5-axis vises have optimal features to allow unrestricted tool access for multiple-side machining. The standard fixed-jaw version shown here has one fixed jaw, and one moving jaw that clamps against it