SMC Cyliders

SMC pneumatics Cylinder, ISO Standard Cylinder, Compact Cylinder, Rodless Cylinders, Water Resistance Cylinder, Clamp Cylinders, Air Slide Table, Compact Guide Cylinder, Double Power Cylinder. we supply SMC pneumatics for all products, We stock Aventics, Rexroth and Festo also.

SMC valve

SMC valve flow increase, valve size for these valves can be reduced! Some other features of these valves are,  
SMC Valve areSaves energy and space, SMC Valve Service life 200 million cycles 

SMC Products

SMC Pneumatic Cylinders, Solenoid Valves, Electric Actuators, Grippers, Pressure Switches, FRL Units, Vacuum Products and all pueumatic products in India 

Aventics Pneumatics (Rexroth)

Aventics Cylinders

Aventics cylinders with tie rods or profiles, made of stainless steel or aluminum,  ISO standard cylinders from Aventics are universally applicable and at home in all sectors, you are free to configure them according to your requirements

Aventics Pneumatics

Aventics Pneumatics product portfolio contains single-acting and double-acting pneumatic cylinders. While single-acting cylinders, such as diaphragm-type cylinders or spring-return cylinders are mechanically returned to their starting position by an integrated spring, double-acting cylinders are exclusively retracted and extended via compressed air.

Aventics Servies units

Aventics pneumatics has decades of experience in applications for all phases of pneumatic controls for industrial machinery and automation of processes. Solutions can include our pneumatic & electro-pneumatic valves & positioners, Easy-2-Combine multi-axis handling system, pneumatic fieldbus manifold systems, pneumatic & hydraulic cylinders, pneumatic actuators & control systems, air preparation, industrial shock absorbers, pneumatic fittings & tubing, vacuum generators, suction cups, non-contact transport units, etc