Industrial Robots


Industrial Robots for Automotive Solutions

Industrial Robots have helped leading tier 1, and tier 2 automotive suppliers build world-class manufacturing solutions for over the years. With extensive knowledge of the Automotive Industry and applications, chances are we have seen your use before or something similar and can help provide a reliable solution to meet your automotive manufacturing needs. With high speed AND precision capabilities, Industrial Robots are the robot of choice for most small to medium automotive applications. Few of the applications we have worked on for automotive components, sub-assemblies and more Mirror / Glass Assemblies Screwdriving for transmission components Ignition module assembly Head and tail light assembly and test Transmission sub-assembly Clutch assembly Dashboard component sub-assembly Brake line assembly Crankshaft and camshaft sensor assembly Hood and trunk latch/lock assembly Fuel injector assembly Bearing assembly


Scara Robotics

Factory robots SCARA  are perfect for factories looking for maximum value without giving up performance. Robots used for applications such as mechanical or electrical assembly, pick and place, kitting, dispensing and much more. SCARA's are the robot of choice when price/performance is critical. SCARA arms come with a 400, 600, 700 mm arm length and Clean room models are available. With outstanding cycle times, industry ease of use and course reliability, Scara's are the robots of industrial choice in India.


Scara Robots Performance

•High-speed cycle times to maximise part throughput 

•Outstanding Accel/Decel Rates with smooth start/stop motion

 •Top speeds of 6000 mm/sec get parts moved fast and precisely 

•Low  cost in the robot industry 

•Low residual vibration due to powerful proprietary servo system design

6-Axis Robots


Industrial compact 6-Axis robots

Industrial Robots C4 compact 6-Axis robots continues the tradition of setting new standards for small sized 6-axis robot performance. As the leader in compact 6-Axis robots, our new  C4 design includes a unique compact wrist pitch as well as a slim body elbow design. With outstanding flexibility, C4 robots were made for big jobs in tiny spaces. Our goal was to build a robust robot in a compact shell capable of meeting high performance standards. The new C4 does that and more by allowing payloads up to 4Kg while maintaining fast speeds and cycle times. 


Factory Automation Robotics Benefits


  • Fast Cycle Times with crisp motion
  • Best in Class Motion Range
  • Compact design for maximum flexibility
  • ISO Clean & ESD Compliant Models
  • Cycle times are 0.37 seconds 
  •  Robots average 32.4% faster 


High Performance Robots


Scara Robots is Industry leading cycle times

Faster than many competitors SCARA's

Up to 4Kg payloads while maintaining fast cycle times

High precision with repeatabilities

Industrial Robots QMEM's velocity feedback system for crisp motion

SlimLine body design and ultra compact wrist provide maximum flexibility

Factory robots is Best in class motion range to get to areas other small robots can't reach